My husband and I can't rave enough about Kimberly's attention, care, support and knowledge!  She was the absolute perfect doula and her name- calm mama fits perfectly!  From her prenatal support (meetings, education, text support and more!) to our extremely crazy birth- she was on top of it!  In labor, our baby turned into a wrong position and Kimberly stayed by my side and helped to position me through contractions to encourage him to spin to the right spot, and it worked! She was calm, direct and present- coaching my husband and I in a way that brought peace and wisdom during a trying time. Then, when baby decided to come in record speed at our home instead of the birth center, she remained cool and collected and really created the best atmosphere.  Never once did she lose her cool.  She guided my breaths, spoke truths to me, reminded me I could do this and physically touched and rubbed and held my hand in ways that really just continued to encourage and help the situation.  She was amazing and perfect and my husband and I are so thankful she was there.  Right after delivery she cleaned me, fed me, and cared for me so I could just lay and rest!  Same with postpartum care.  Delivery didn't stop her attention on mommy and baby.  She is still continuing to care for me in ways I didn't know I needed!  My birth was so peaceful and loving and it's totally because Kimberly was part of my team! 10 stars!!" ~ Mama C.M.

All I can say was that Kimmy was amazing.  I've known Kim since I was around 2 years old and her family has always meant a lot to me.  So, when choosing a doula, it only seemed appropriate to choose her.  She has such a calming presence and is LITERALLY the person you want when in pain.  She was there with me throughout the hard part of my home labor and coached me incredibly for the marathon ahead.  I could not have done it without her.  The breathing, positioning, and zen mindset is what gave me that "dream" delivery experience.  I went from 5 to 10 cm in 40 minutes, and as a first time mom, that is rare.  She got me to that point and taught me how to listen to my body in those crucial moments.  Not only with my delivery, but with postpartum care as well, she guided me to heal as quickly as I have.  I'm so thankful for Kimmy in so many ways and was just in awe of her patient, kind, and perseverant attitude.  Love you Kimmy!  You're the best! XO" ~Mama L.C.

CALM Mama Doula is an excellent name for Kimberly's business, as this is exactly what she brings to the birth process. We sought Kimberly's services for the birth of our second baby, and it was the best decision we made. Her prenatal sessions were organized, thoughtful, tailored, and very informative. I felt completely supported and empowered during my son's hospital birth, thanks to Kimberly's expertise. Postpartum, Kimberly was so attentive and thoughtful. In addition to providing education on healing practices using food and massage, she also showed me how to apply a Bengkung belly wrap, which has been so helpful in my recovery. After only a few days of wearing the wrap, I've noticed a difference in my posture and core activation. Thank you Kimberly, for being the CALM in the storm of a pandemic birth and helping to make the experience one to be cherished." ~ Mama S.M.

I HIGHLY recommend Kim, especially for the delivery of your first child. I absolutely loved my experience and couldn't imagine not having her by my side through such a transforming process. I had no idea what to expect in the delivery room and I'm so glad I had Kim. She brought a nurturing voice, an encouraging word, a calm presence, and joyful spirit. I could ask her any question (before, during, and after delivery!) and she put my mind to ease. She always checked in on me and put my needs first as a new mom. So blessed by her amazing care!" ~ Mama N.D.

Looking for someone to support and educate you? A doula that is patient and brings peace to the situation? Someone who answers all your questions? Kimberly is all that and more. She brings the most needed elements during a potentially stressful, scary and new situation to everyone involved. She educated my husband and I about every detail of birth and opened our eyes to ways that make it less painful such as stretches and exercises and I felt quite empowered. Wherever you decide to give birth, whether at home or a hospital, etc., she is there for you. I highly recommend Kimberly. She was a blessing to my family in such a time and made my labor/birth much better than I ever thought it could be." ~Mama  J.V.

I could not be happier with Kimberly. She made my birth experience so much better. I honestly don't know how we would've done it without her. She was extremely calming and knowledgeable. I will recommend her to all my friends!"~Mama  J.L.

"Kim was a tremendous asset, comfort, and source of reason during labor. She was a tremendous blessing to us and I can't imagine doing it without her."~Daddy R.L.

Kimberly Ryan's assistance before, during, and after labor was incredibly helpful. This was my second baby and I wish I would have had her support with my first. My birth experience was actually calm. She helped me manage my pain and I did not need to use any medication or have an epidural. Her calm demeanor was a godsend to both my partner and me." Mama ~A.C.

Kimberly was amazing and a joy to work with. I love how she involved the father and other family members in the care. She rocked! It was a privilege to work with her." ~Mama C.S.

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